Vicki's Story

"A few months ago I had a young mother (aged 22) enter our program with two children, aged two and three. This mother had her own car but the car seats she had for her children were second hand and very worn.

Through the support of Geelong Mums she was provided with two new age appropriate car seats which I helped the client fit properly into her car. She was very grateful.

Recently this client had a very bad car accident while the children were in the car with her. The car hit a tree on a country road and rolled over landing on its roof. The client sustained some nasty fractures but will recover fully. Fortunately the children sustained only minor bruising.

When speaking to the client after the accident the client couldn’t praise Geelong mums enough for providing the car seats for her children. Both the client and the emergency services stated that it was the updated car seats that had prevented the children from further injury or even worse outcomes.

I wanted to write this to show you how valuable your support to the community is and in incidents like these you are potentially saving children from injury, harm or worse.

Thank you for your invaluable support with providing our clients the resources they need.”

Vicki Ingles, Young Parent Outreach Program, SalvoConnect Barwon