Our story

Geelong Mums was born in April 2013, following in the footsteps of St Kilda Mums in Melbourne.

Geelong Mums was established in April 2013 by a group of five local mums who were inspired by the incredible work of St Kilda Mums. For the first 12 months we operated entirely as a volunteer group from a small shed and from our own homes. We helped more than 300 families.

With our impact growing, in August 2014 we appointed our first employee, General Manager Kate Kent, and moved into a large warehouse in South Geelong, significantly expanding our operations. In 2016, with two further part-time staff appointed and more than 400 volunteers, Geelong Mums supported 2,000 local families.

Geelong Mums has always been dependent on volunteers and we remain so. Our volunteers work during whatever free time they have, often juggling paid work and their own family requirements. From the many volunteers who help out in the warehouse, to the individuals and groups who knit for us, and the groups that participate in our workplace volunteering program - we rely on our volunteers to provide this valuable service.

It’s critically important we recognise Geelong Mums is founded on the generosity of volunteers and will continue to grow with their ideas, help and support. 

Geelong Mums is a branch of St Kilda Mums, operating under its legal entity and governance structure. Geelong Mums has its own operations committee based in Geelong with four members, working closely with the St Kilda Mums team. The third branch of the group of three is Eureka Mums in Ballarat.