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Regretfully, the St Kilda Mums board and I have made the decision to stay closed for goods donations until further notice. Following the government's advice to strictly limit travel outside the home, and for the safety of our staff, this measure is unavoidable at this time. As an organisation our staff are still working hard to help families in need access vital nursery equipment and other necessary items. Thanks for sticking with us.

Jessica Macpherson OAM


To donate visit our HQ: 110 Balliang Street, Geelong South. Our opening times are here.

We rehome essential kids and baby items needed by families facing multiple disadvantages. Please see the list below and note that we don't rehome electrical items, household furniture (like dining tables) or adult clothing (including maternity).

✅ denotes items we can rehome and ❌ items we cannot. Please read our safety guidelines for the items with ✴️. 

Press Control or Command F to quickly search for a particular item in this list. 

If you are unsure about an item or how to deliver the donation please just email us. Our opening times are here.

We are passionate about repairing things, e.g. pram wheels, ripped material - but it is not always possible. Please email us a photo and a detailed description if there is a fault. Please don't donate anything that is broken, damaged, torn, ripped, stained or faulty.

As a simple rule, if there's something wrong with it then we can't rehome it (click here for the print version) 

✅  Activity mats or baby gyms

❌  Activity centres (Exersaucers/Jumparoo style)

❌  Adult clothes

✅  Art and craft materials

✴️  Baby carriers 

✅  Baby food - at least 3 months before expiry 

✅  Baby towels 

❌  Bassinets

❌  Bath aids

❌  Bath seats

❌  Bath stands

✅  Baths

❌  Bean bags

❌  Bed rails

✴️  Bibs

❌  Bikes

❌  Bike helmets

✅  Blankets – for bassinets or cots 

✅  Books - story, colouring, craft, etc

✴️  Booster car seats

✅  Bottles and feeding equipment

✴️  Bouncers or rockers

✴️  Breast pumps 

✅  Breastfeeding pillows

❌  Bumbo seats

❌  Bunk or loft beds

✅  Bunny rugs and baby wraps

✅  Carry cots (soft)

❌  Car seat boosters (foam)

✴️  Carseats

✅  CDs and DVDs for children

❌ Chairs and tables for kids

✅ Change tables that fold

❌  Change tables that do not fold 

❌  Chests of drawers

❌  Christening gifts

✅  Cloth nappies (reusable)

✅  Clothing - from birth to size 16

❌  Co-sleepers like My Little Baby

✅  Cot linen and blankets

❌  Cot bumpers

✴️  Cot mattresses

✴️  Cot

❌  Cradles

❌  Cushions

❌  Doonas

❌  Electric sterilisers

❌  Electrical items

❌  Foam booster seats

❌  Foam floor mats

✅  Folding change tables

✴️  Formula

❌  Furniture

✅  Games for children

✴️  Gro-bags and sleeping bags

❌  H-harness for car seats

✅ Hand knits

❌  Helmets for bikes, scooters, skateboards

✴️  Highchairs

❌  Jolly Jumpers

✅  Linen for cots and single beds

❌  Maternity clothes

✅  Maternity pads (unopened)

✴️  Mattresses for cot

✅   Mattress protectors

❌  Mobiles

❌  Moses baskets

❌  My Little Baby co sleepers

✅  Nappies - cloth 

✅  Nappies – disposable

❌  Nappy bins

✅  Nappy change bags

✅  Nappy change mats

❌  Nappy wrappers

✅  Newborn head supports (for prams)

✅  Nursing pads 

❌  Photo frames

❌  Pillows (including pregnancy pillows)

✅  Playpens – wooden and metal

❌  Portable travel chairs

❌  Portacots

❌  Potties

✅  Pram accessories 

✅  Pram bassinets

❌  Pram travel bags 

✴️  Prams and strollers

✅  Puzzles for children

✅  Pyjamas and sleepwear to age 16

✅  Reusable cloth nappies

✴️  Rockers or bouncers

❌  Ride on toys

❌  Running prams (front wheel fixed)

✅  Reusable cloth nappies

✴️  Rockers or bouncers

❌  Ride on toys

❌  Running prams (front wheel fixed)

✴️  Safety gates

✅  Safety items – plug covers, etc

❌  Scooters

❌  Scooter helmets

❌  Skateboard helmets

❌  School uniforms

✅  Shoes for children

❌  Single beds

✅  Single bed linen

❌  Sleep positioners 

✴️  Sleeping bags and sleepwear

❌  Slings

❌  Snow gear including boots

✴️  Soft toys

✅  Sterilisers – microwave only

✴️  Strollers

❌  Stuffed toys with beans

✅  Sunshades (pram and car)

❌  Swings

✅  Toddler beds 

❌  Toddler bike seats

❌  Toilet seats

❌  Toilet steps

✅  Toiletries (unopened)

✴️  Toys

❌  Toys larger than 45cm

❌  Trikes

❌  Umbrella strollers

❌  Walkers

✅  Wipes (unopened) 

✅  Wraps for baby