Every Baby Every Town

We are committed to supporting families across Victoria.

Our vision is a future where we waste less, share more and care for every baby and child, regardless of what town they are born in. Our Every Baby Every Town Project allows us to help families living in remote areas. Geographical location should not be a barrier to a child having a safe place to sleep, or a car seat or pram for safe travel.

We believe that coordinating the expertise and resources that already exist within our three locations in Geelong, Melbourne and Ballarat is more effective than opening and operating another HQ in a fourth town.

In early 2017 we employed a coordinator to develop partnerships with social services and transportation companies in the South East and South West.

The first two years of this project was made possible with the generous support of The Ian Potter Foundation, and The Gourlay Charitable Trust. In late 2018 Portland House and The Barr Family Foundation made it possible to continued and expand the service further. The Every Baby Every Town Project was supported by the Victorian Government in 2019.

Victorian Freight Specialists have also supported this project with the generous gift of pro bono transportation services. 

We are now actively working in 72 of the 79 Local Government Areas in Victoria with plans to reach all of them by July 2020. 

Please read about the first evaluation of the 'Every Baby, Every Town' project published in January 2020.