Lynn's Story

"I’ve been a foster carer for seven years. I’ve cared for many children of all ages during that time, but four years ago I was asked to bring home a tiny premmie baby. With only a couple of days notice and having no newborn baby items in the house, it was going to be a scramble to get everything ready. However, I was fortunate enough to be referred to Geelong Mums, who gave me the greatest gift. I received a cot, mattress, pram, baby bath and a beautiful bundle of baby clothing and linen. With that sort of support, I was able to bring home that tiny baby immediately.

Almost four years later, that gorgeous baby is a special part of our family and had such a wonderful start to life in our home, thanks to the special assistance from Geelong Mums. Without their help, we may not have brought that baby home. And I can't imagine life without this gorgeous tiny person."