A special note of thanks

This gorgeous feedback shows exactly the impact of your financial and goods donations, especially at a time of such uncertainty under COVID-19.

"It is an absolute privilege to be able to access the support and goods from Geelong Mums. Working in social work is hectic and stressful at times and it is so lovely to visit Geelong Mums and be greeted with kindness and care every single time. I am always helped quickly and nothing is too much or too hard. Every volunteer knows what is going on and knows who to contact if they need extra assistance.

My colleague and I were recently reflecting on how nice it is to visit and how much it makes our day. Geelong Mums is a calm and caring atmosphere and I wish I could hang out there all day.

As for being able to hand out the beautifully presented goods to families, I just want to snap a photo of these families faces and share it with you all. It means the absolute world to my clients to be given items so caringly packed and presented.

These are mums that have never received a gift in their lives, that go without so their children eat, that request shampoo on their Christmas wish list as it is a luxury item, that have not seen kindness in their lives. It is magical to be able to hand out your goods , I appreciate it with every part of my being."