Why freshly laundered matters

Most of us have been in a situation at some stage in our lives where we have had to go without. Maybe when we were younger, as students living off 2 minute noodles, or maybe more recently, saving for a mortgage or family holiday. When that's happened and you've been able to go home for a Sunday roast, or someone you love gives you a special treat, it's made all the more special by the thought - someone cares, they were thinking of you.

That's how we want anyone who receives a Geelong Mums bundle to feel. Not just excited they have some lovely new clothes for their baby or child, but also to know that they were packaged and folded and bundled with great care and thoughtfulness.

So that we can do that, and do it quickly, it's essential we receive all clothing and linen donations freshly laundered. We have a washing machine at our South Geelong HQ, but it runs every minute of the day, with pram fabric, highchair liners, carriers, bouncer slings, play mats and car restraint covers. We have no time to wash and dry clothing as well. This is where you come in. 

When you pass on your donations of clothing and linen freshly laundered we can get them to a family in need much faster. Clothing that has sat in drawers for even a few weeks can be yellowed by milk stains, and clothes that have been left in storage can be smelly or dusty when pulled out of the attic.

A quick wash, dry and sort through makes the work of our volunteers much easier and more importantly, it allows us to pass on that feeling of care and thoughtfulness to a family that may only receive this one gift that month, or even that year. The mum on the receiving end may be living in a refuge, or temporary accomodation. When she opens a bundle from Geelong Mums, we hope that the scent of freshly washed clothing will make her feel that she has someone looking out for her, someone that understand and cares. She can put the clothing on her child right away, or make up a cot with fresh linen immediately. Most importantly she can be reminded and assured that she is not alone.

Thank you in advance for your generous donation and we look forward to seeing you at Geelong Mums.